Terrarium lamps are usually oriented around high brightness. In some more advanced products brightness is somewhat compromised for high colour rendering index (CRI). In SKYLIGHT PR-40, PR-60 and PR-80 lamps both mentioned above parameters are compromised to achieve vivid intense colours.


SKYLIGHT PRI-55 lamp is the most powerful among the skylight vivarium dedicated lamps. lt is built around an RGB core to provide a very high colour saturation revealing vivid colours of terrarium inhabitants. Spectrum has been extended up to deep red light and close IR to trigger physiological processes in plants in a most natural way possible and support the healthy growth of various plants.


SKYLIGHT HYPERBAR is a series of terrarium lights with an innovative design. Install the SL Control app, set a daily schedule and enjoy your terrarium. Mountain, natural, colourful or forest style – with the HYPERBAR lamp, you don’t have to worry about whether the light color will match your terrarium type. This is the only lamp on the market where you simply choose one of the settings, and the lamp’s electronics control the LED arrays so that you can enjoy the full power of the lamp regardless of your preferences.


The SKYLIGHT MID-30 INTENSE and SKYLIGHT MID-30R INTENSE (rack version) lamps were designed in a very different way, than other vivarium/terrarium dedicated lighting products. Majority of available vivarium lamps are oriented around high brightness. In some more advanced lamps like SKYLIGHT PRO, brightness is somewhat compromised for high colour rendering index (CRI). In MID-30 and MID-30R INTENSE both mentioned above parameters are compromised to achieve one ultimate goal – vivid, intense colours. Large portion of deep red light in the spectrum triggers phytochromes of plants to produce colourful protective pigments, while RGB based spectrum of the lamp allows the user to see his planted terrarium with deeper, more intense coloration. Additionally the side glaring has been brought to the minimum in this product making looking on your vivarium a pure pleasure!


SKYLIGHT MIDSPOT lamps have been designed specifically for tall, vertical, planted terrariums. They are very effective
in inducing production of carotenoids in plants such as bromeliads. 2 versions with different beam angles are manufactured – V55 and V25.
MIDSPOT lamps can be position on the glass top of a vivarium (recommended).
Mesh top is allowed as long as it is manufactured from metal.
They can be paired with MID-30 lamps in terrariums, in which high level of lighting is desired in the bottom part of the terrarium as well as in the top part.


The SKYLIGHT TINY RH/RV lamps were designed for vivariums equipped with a glass top. Lamps were designed for terrariums with living plants. The spectrum of light emitted by these lamps is suitable for the proper photosynthesis process, making these products suitable for growing even the most demanding plant species. SKYLIGHT TINY RH/RV are offered as set of 1 up to 8 independent lamps, and are suitable for several smaller vivariums or one larger enclosure with a width up to 150 cm and height up to 100 cm depending on the setup.