The SKYLIGHT PRIME lamp was designed for large sized vertical vivariums equipped with a glass or net top.

Asymmetric optics used in the SKYLIGHT PRIME lamp allows for an appropriate lighting of both – the bottom and walls of the vivarium.
As standard the lamp comes with „S” legs, the lamp may be also equipped with „E” or „EL” legs to increase the height over terrarium and improve blending.

The spectrum of light emitted by the lamp is suitable for the proper photosynthesis process,
making this product suitable for growing even the most demanding plant species.

Next to the visible light PRIME also
produces close ultraviolet and close infrared light resulting in better use of different photosynthetic pigments as well as better rendering of deep red and violet color.
It also results in better coloration of plants such as bromeliads.

Skylight PRIME

Skylight PRIME E

Skylight PRIME EL